Early Retirement Estimator

Let's say you will one day be able to live off your monthly social secuity 
check, pension check or what have you, with no problems -- your "regular" 
retirement age. For most people this is around the age of 67, or as early 
as age 62 for (reduced) early social security checks.  Well and good.

But let's also say you have been saving some money on the side, or have 
come across a windfall, and have a chunk of change.

Could you quit your job and spend that money down between now and your 
"regular" retirement age?  To, in effect, retire early?

That chunk of cash would just have to last until age 62, or 65, or 67 
-- whenever your regular retirement checks would start coming in.

How much would that lump sum you have saved up give you each month to live 
on until then? 

Check below!


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Regular retirement age (this is your age your money has to last until):

Early retirement target date:
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